A to Z Important Full Form List of Education-Exam-Automobile-Computer-Software-Telecom-Banking-Finance-General-Organization-Game-Political

 Acronym            Full Form  

AAAA  :- Asian Amateur Athletics Association
AAC  :- Advanced Audio Codec
AACI  :- Airport Association Council International
AACS  :- Advanced Access Content System
AAFI  :- Amateur Athletics Federation of India
AAI  :- Airport Authority of India
AAI  :- Archery Association of India
AALA  :- American Automobile Labelling Act
AAP  :- Aam Aadmi Party
AAPSO   :- Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization
AAT  :- Ambient Air Temperature
AB  :- Allahabad Bank
AB  :- Andhra Bank
ABARS  :- Automobile Backward Automatic Ranging System
ABAS  :- Akhil Bharatiya Ashok Sena
ABC  :- Active Body Control
ABCDE  :- Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics
ABD  :- Akhil Bharatiya Dal
ABEDA  :- Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
ABG  :- Arterial Blood Gas
ABHM  :- Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha
ABI  :- Application Binary Interface
ABMT  :- Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty
ABP  :- Ananda Bazaar Patrika News
ABPB  :- Aditya Birla Payments Bank
ABR  :- Available Bit Rate
ABS  :- Anti-lock Braking System
ABSBH   :- Average Busy Season Busy Hour
AC    :- Air Conditioning
AC    :- Alternating Current
ACA  :- Australian Cricketers Association
ACAP  :- Advanced Common Application Platform
ACC  :- Analog Control Channel
ACC  :- Asian Cricket Council
ACC  :- Associated Cement Companies
ACCS  :- Air Conditioning Cycling Switch
ACD  :- Air Conditioning Demand
ACDA  :- Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACE  :- Active Cornering Enhancement
ACED  :- Australian Council for Educational Research
ACET  :- Actuarial Common Entrance Test
ACF  :- Auto Correlation Function
ACM  :- Adaptive Coding and Modulation
ACM  :- Airbag Control Module
ACP  :- Air Conditioning Pressure
ACP  :- Assistant Commissioner of Police
ACPI  :- Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACS  :- American Chemical Society
ACS  :- Automated Clearing System
ACT  :- America College Test
ACTS  :- Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (NASA)
AD  :- Active Directory
ADAS  :- Advanced Driver Assistance System
ADB  :- Adaptive Driving Beam
ADB  :- Asian Development Bank
ADC  :- Analog to Digital Converter
ADC  :- Automatic Distance Control
ADCB  :- Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
ADFS  :- Active Directory Federation Service
ADG  :- Accommodated Device Gateway
ADI  :- Asynchronous Digital Interface
ADL  :- Automatic Door Lock
ADO  :- Active Data Object
ADR  :- American Depositary Receipt
ADS  :- Auxiliary Discriminating Sensor
ADSL  :- Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADT  :- Advance Technology Demonstration
ADU  :- Autonomous Driving Unit
AECM  :- Airbag Electronic Control Module
AEPS  :- Aadhaar Enabled Payments Switch
AES  :- Advanced Encryption Standard
AFC  :- American Football Conference
AFC  :- Automatic Frequency Control
AFCD  :- Advanced Frontal Crash Dummy
AFCM  :- Alternate Fuel Control Module
AFECM  :- Alternate Fuel Engine Control Module
AFHCS   :- Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Services
AFL  :- Adaptive Front Light
AFMC  :- Armed Forces Medical College
AFO  :- Alternate Fuel Operation
AFR  :- Air Fuel Ratio
AFS  :- Annual Financial Statement
AGC  :- Automatic Gain Control
AGF  :- Asian Games Federation
AGM  :- Annual General Meeting
AGP  :- Accelerated Graphics Port
AGP  :- Asom Gana Parishad
AGVS  :- Automated Guided Vehicle System
AHA  :- Accelerated Hub Architecture
AHLD  :- Automatic Headlamp Levelling Device
AHRC  :- Asian Human Rights Commission
AHS  :- Active Handling System
AIAAA  :- American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIADMK  :- All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
AIBA  :- Amateur International Boxing Association
AIC  :- Agricultural Insurance Company
AICC  :- All India Congress Committee
AICEE  :- All India Common Entrance Examination
AICET  :- All India Common Entrance Test
AICF  :- All India Chess Federation
AICI  :- Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India
AICTE  :- All India Council for Technical Education
AIDPF  :- All India Democratic People Federation
AIDS  :- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDWA   :- All India Democratic Woman’s Association
AIF  :- Alternative Investment Fund
AIFA  :- All India Football Association
AIFB  :- All India Forward Bloc
AIFB(S)  :- All India Forward Bloc (Subhasist)
AIFF  :- All India Football Federation
AIIMS  :- All India Institute of Medical Science
AILET  :- All India Law Entrance Test
AIM  :- Automotive Interior Material
AIMIM  :- All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen
AIMRP  :- All India Mahila Raj Party
AINRC  :- All India N.R Congress
AIPMT  :- All India Pre-Medical Text
AIPVT  :- All India Pre Veterinary Test
AIR  :- Air Injection Reaction
AIR  :- Assumed Interest Rate
AIS  :- Alarm Indication Signal
AIS  :- Automatic Idle Speed
AITA  :- All India Tennis Association
AITC  :- All India Trinamool Congress
AITS  :- Administrative Information Technology Services
AITS  :- All India Tennis Association
AIUDF  :- All India  United Democratic Front
AJAX  :- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
AKA  :- Also Known As
AKFI  :- Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India
ALCO  :- Asset Liability Committee
ALGOL   :- ALGOrithmic Language
ALM  :- Asset Liability Management
ALR  :- Automatic Locking Retractor
ALU  :- Arithmetic Logical Unit
AM  :- Ante Meridian (Before Noon)
AMA  :- Automatic Message Accounting
AMC  :- American Motors Corporation
AMC  :- Annual Maintenance Contract
AMD  :- Advanced Micro Devices
AMFI  :- Association of Mutual Funds in India
AMFL  :- Association of Mutual Funds in India
AMIE  :- Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers
AML  :- Anti-Money Laundering
AMM  :- Air Mass Meter
AMPS  :- Advanced Mobile Phones System
AMR  :- Adaptive Multi-Rate
AMT  :- Automated Manual Transmission
AMUL  :- Anand Milk Union Limited
AMUPMDC :- Association of Managements of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges (Entrance Exam)
AMW  :- Asian Motors Limited
ANBC  :- Adjusted Net Bank Credit
ANF  :- Aggregate Noise Factor
ANSI  :- American National Standards Institute
ANVC  :- Andaman Nicobar Vikas Congress
AOAD  :- Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
AOD  :- Advertising on Demand
APB  :- Airtel Payments Bank
APBS  :- Aadhaar Payment Bridge System
APCI  :- Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization
APD  :- Avalanche Photo Diode
APEC  :- Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
API  :- Application Programming Interface
APIPA  :- Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
APJ Abdul Kalam  :- Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
APK  :- Android Application Package
APL  :- Above Poverty Line
APL  :- Automatic Programming Language
APM  :- Administered Pricing Mechanism
APM  :- Advanced Power Management
APN  :- Access Point Name
APNPP  :- Andhra Pradesh Navodaya Praja Party
APO  :- Accessory Power Outlets
APP  :- Accelerator Pedal Position
APR  :- Annual Percentage Rate
APSK  :- Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
APT  :- Adjustable part Throttle
ARAI  :- Automotive Research Association of India
ARC  :- Asset Reconstruction Company
ARCNET:- Attached Resource Computer Network
ARDR  :- Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief
ARF  :- Advertising Research Foundation
ARIB  :- Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
ARIN  :- American Registry of Internet Numbers
ARM  :- Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ARP  :- Address Resolution Protocol
ARP  :- Advance Reservation Period
ARPANET :- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ASA  :- Automatic Slack Adjuster
ASAP  :- As Soon As Possible
ASARC  :- Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASBA  :- Application Supported by Block Amount
ASCII  :- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN   :- Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASEM  :- Asia-Europe Meeting
ASG  :- Automatic-Shift Gearbox
ASI  :- Asynchronous Serial Interface
ASIC  :- Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASL  :- Age Sex Location
ASM  :- Asset Management System
ASM  :- Assistant Station Master
ASP  :- Active Server Page
ASP  :- Ambedkar Samaj Party
ASP  :- Application Service Provider
ASP  :- Average Selling Price
ASR  :- Access Switch Router
ASR  :- Automated System Recovery
AST  :- Abstract Syntax Tree
ASTB  :- Advanced Set-Top Box
ASTC  :- Automatic Stability and Traction Control
ASTD  :- American Society for Training and Development
ASTM  :- American Society for Testing and Materials
ATC  :- Alarm Traffic Controller
ATC  :- Automatic Temperature Control
ATDMA  :- Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
ATLS  :- Automated Truck Loading Systems
ATM  :- Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM  :- Automated Teller Machine
ATP  :- Association Of Tennis Professionals
ATS  :- Anti-Terrorism Squad
ATSC  :- Advanced Television Systems Committee
AUC  :- Authentication Center
AUP  :- Acceptable Use Policy
AVC  :- Advanced Video Coding
AVI  :- Audio Video Interleave
AVX  :- Advanced Vector Extensions
AWD  :- All Wheel Drive
AWGN  :- Additive White Gaussian Noise
AWNP  :- Awami National Party
AWT  :- Abstract Window Toolkit
B.A  :- Bachelor of Arts
B.Arch    :- Bachelor of Architecture
B.Com    :- Bachelor of Commerce
B.E  :- Bachelor of Engineering
B.Ed  :- Bachelor of Education
B.J           :- Bachelor of Journalism
B.M  :- Bachelor of Music
B.Pharma.:- Bachelor of Pharmacy
B.Phil.     :- Bachelor of Philosophy
B.Sc  :- Bachelor of Science
B.Sc.Ag.  :- Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
B.Tech     :- Bachelor of Technology
bal           :- Balance
BAL  :- Basic Assembly Language
BAMS  :- Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medical Science
BARC  :- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
BASIC  :- Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASLP  :- Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
BB          :- Bronto-bytes
BBA  :- Bachelor of Business Administration
BBC  :- British Broadcasting Corporation
BBM  :- Bachelor of Business Management
BBP  :- Bharatiya Backward Party
BC          :- Before Christ
BCA  :- Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA  :- Baroda Cricket Association
BCB  :- Bangladesh Cricket Board
BCBS  :- Basel Committee for Banking Supervision
BCBS  :- Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BCC  :- Blind Carbon Copy
BCCI  :- Board of Control for Cricket in India
BCD  :- Binary Coded Decimal
BCJ  :- Bachelor of Communication and Journalism
BCPL  :- Basic Combined Programming Language
BCR  :- Bar Code Reader
BCSBI  :- Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
BDF  :- Broadband Digital Forward
BDO  :- Block Development Office
BDR  :- Baseband Digital Reverse
BDS  :- Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BEL  :- Bharat Electronics Limited
BEMA  :- Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
BEML  :- Bharat Earth Movers Limited
BEMS  :- Bachelor of Electro-Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
BER  :- Bit Error Rate
BERT  :- Bit Error Rate Test
BEST  :- Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport
BFA  :- Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFD  :- Binary File Descriptor
BFI  :- Basketball Federation of India
BFS  :- Broadcast File System
BFSc  :- Bachelor of Fisheries Science
BGCF  :- Breakout Gateway Control Function
BGP  :- Border Gateway Protocol
BGVB  :- Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank
BHEL  :- Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
BHM  :- Bachelor of Hotel Management
BHMCT  :- Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
BHMS  :- Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
BHP  :- Brake Horse Power
BHU  :- Banaras Hindu University(Entrance Examination)
BiDi  :- Bi–Directional
BIFR  :- Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BINAC  :- Binary Automatic Computer
BIO  :- Bio-Technology
BIOS  :- Basic Input Output System
BIS  :- Bank for International Settlement
BIS  :- Bureau of Indian Standards
BIU  :- Broadband Interface Unit
BJD  :- Biju Janata Dal
BJP  :- Bharatiya Janata Party
BLOB  :- Binary large Object
BLP  :- Bharatiya Labour Party
BLSc.  :- Bachelor of Library Science
BMAT  :- Bio-Medical Admissions Test
BMB  :- Bharatiya Mahila Bank
BMC  :- Bachelor of Mass Communication
BMC  :- Bharatha Makkal Congress
BMD  :- Ballistic Missile Defence
BMD  :- Bone Mineral Density
BME  :- Bio-Medical Engineering
BMEP  :- Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BMI  :- Body Mass Index
BMP  :- Bitmap
BMS  :- Bachelor of Management Studies
BMS  :- Business Management System
BMW  :- Bavarian Motor Works
BNP  :- British National Party
BOB  :- Bank of Baroda
BOD  :- Bandwidth on Demand
BOE  :- Bill of Exchange
BOI  :- Bank of India
BOLT  :- BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) On-Line Trading
BOM  :- Bank Of Maharashtra
BOOT  :- Build Own Operate Transfer
BOP  :- Balance of Payments
BOPL  :- Basic Object Programming Language
BOPL  :- Broadband Over Power Line
BOR  :- Bank of Rajasthan
BOT  :- Build Operate Transfer
BPCL  :- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
BPF  :- Band-Pass Filter
BPF  :- Bharat Pensioners Front
BPI  :- Baseline Privacy Interface
BPI  :- Bytes Per Inch
BPL  :- Bangladesh Premier League
BPL  :- British Physical Laboratories
BPO  :- Business Process Outsourcing
BPS  :- Bits Per Second
BPT  :- Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BPTP  :- Bharatiya Prajatantra Party
BRAS  :- Broadband Remote Access Server
BRI  :- Brand Rating Index
BRICS  :- Brazil Russia India China And South-Africa
BRS  :- Broadband Radio Service
BSBA  :- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BSC  :- Base Station Controller
BSCS  :- Business Support Control System
BSE  :- Bachelor of Software Engineering
BSE  :- Bombay Stock Exchange
BSF  :- Border Security Force
BSFC  :- Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
BSM  :- Bachelors in Sports Management
BSNL  :- Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
BSP  :- Bahujan Samaj Party
BSR  :- Basic Statistical Returns
BSS  :- Business Support System
BSW  :- Bachelor of Social Work
BTS  :- Base Transceiver Station
BTS  :- Business Telecom Services
BTSC  :- Broadcast Television Systems Committee
BTW  :- By the Way
BVSc.     :- Bachelor of Veterinary Science
BW  :- Bandwidth
BWF  :- Badminton World Federation
CA           :- Chartered Accountant
CA           :- Cricket Australia
CAB  :- Cable Advertising Bureau
CAB  :- Commercial Agriculture And Business
CABE  :- Central Advisory Board of Education
CAC  :- Call Admission Control
CACP  :- Commission of Agriculture Cost and Price
CAD  :- Computer Aided Design
CAD  :- Current Account Deficit
CAE  :- Computer–Aided Engineering
CAG  :- Comptroller and Auditor General of India
CAI  :- Computer–Aided Instruction
CAIIB  :- Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers
CAL  :- Computer Aided Leering
CALEA   :- Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
CAM  :- Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMELS :- Capital Assets Management Earnings Liquidity Systems
CAMM  :- Computer Aided Manufacturing Measurement
CAMS  :- Computerized Automotive Maintenance System
CAO  :- Chief Accounting Officer
CAP  :- Competitive Access Provider
CAPEX   :- Capital Expenditures
CAPF  :- Central Armed Police Forces
CAQA  :- Computer–Aided Quality Assurance
CAR  :- Capital Adequacy Ratio
CARB  :- California Air Resources Board
CARE  :- Credit Analysis & Research
CASA  :- Current And Savings Accounts
CAT  :- Common Admission Test
CATV  :- Community Antenna Television
CB          :- Canara Bank
CB          :- Corporation Bank
CBC  :- Complete Blood Count
CBD  :- Convention on Biological Diversity
CBDT  :- Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBEC  :- Central Board of Excise and Customs
CBI  :- Central Bank of India
CBI  :- Central Bureau of Investigation
CBI  :- Crime Branch of India
CBLO  :- Collateralized Bank Lending Obligations
CBR  :- Constant Bit Rate
CBS  :- Core Banking Solution
CBSE  :- Central Board of Secondary Education
CBT  :- Computer Based Testing (or Training)
CBW  :- Chemical and Biological Weapons
CC    :- Cash Credit
cc          :- Cash Credit
CC          :- Cubic Capacity
CC          :- Cubic centimeter
CCB  :- Central Co-operative Bank
CCC  :- Course on Computer Concept
CCD  :- Charged Coupled Device
CCDF  :- Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function
CCE  :- Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
CCEA  :- Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
CCI  :- Competition Commission of India
CCI  :- Content Control Information
CCI  :- Cricket Club of India
CCIL  :- Clearing Corporation of India limited
CCK  :- Complimentary Code Keying
CCL  :- Cash Credit Limit
CCL  :- Central Coal-fields Limited
CCM  :- Constant Coding and Modulation
CCNA  :- Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCO  :- Converter Clutch Override
CCOT  :- Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCP  :- Climate Control Panel
CCS  :- Centum Call Seconds
CD  :- Certificate of Deposit
CD  :- Compact Disk
CD ROM :- Compact Disk-Read Only Memory
CDB  :- Caribbean Development Bank
CDBS  :- Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
CDC  :- Connected Device Configuration
CDI  :- Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CDM  :- Clean Development Mechanism
CDMA  :- Code Division Multiple Access
CDR  :- Call Detail Record
CDR  :- Corporate Debt Restructuring
CDRL  :- Central Drug Research Institute
CDS  :- Credit Default Swap
CDSE  :- Combined Defence Services Examination
CDSL  :- Central Depository Services Limited
CEA  :- Consumer Electronics Association
CECA  :- Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
CEED  :- Common Entrance Examination for Design
CEO  :- Chief Executive Officer
CEP  :- Cable Entry Point
CEPA  :- Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
CER  :- Codeword Error Ratio
CERN  :- European Organization for Nuclear Research
CES  :- Circuit Emulation Service
CET  :- Common Entrance Test
CFA  :- Chartered Financial Analyst
CFI  :- Continuous Fuel Injection
CFI  :- Cross Fire Injection
CFI  :- Cycling Federation of India
CFL  :- Compact fluorescent lamp
CFM  :- Certified Financial Manager
CFML  :- Cold Fusion Markup Language
CFO  :- Chief Financial Officer
CFRA  :- Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
CFRI  :- Central Fuel Research Institute
CFTRI  :- Central Food Technological Research Institute
CGA  :- Color Graphics Array
CGI  :- Common Gateway Interface
CGI  :- Computer Generated Imagery
CGL  :- Combined Graduate Level
CGPA  :- Cumulative Grade Point Average
CGRA  :- Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
CGSA  :- Cellular Geographic Service Areas
CHOGM :- Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
chq  :- Cheque
CI. Eng    :- Compression Ignition Engine
CIA  :- Certified Internal Auditor
CIBIL  :- Credit Information Bureau India Limited
CIC  :- Central Information Commission
CID  :- Crime Investigation Department
CIFE  :- Central Institute of Fisheries Education
CIFS  :- Common Internet File System
CII           :- Confederation of Indian Industry
CIM  :- Common Information Model
CIR  :- Committed Information Rate
CIS  :- Commonwealth of Independent States
CISA  :- Certified Information Systems Auditor
CISF  :- Central Industrial Security Force
CITES  :- Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITU  :- Centre Of Indian Trade Unions
CLASS  :- Custom Local Area Signaling Services
CLAT  :- Common Law Admission Test
CLDC  :- Connection Limited Device Configuration
CLE  :- Customer Located Equipment
CLEC  :- Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLI  :- Command Line Interface
CLR  :- Common Language Run-time
CLV  :- Consumer Lifetime Value
CM  :- Chief Minister
CMA  :- Certified Management Accountant
CMA  :- Credit Monitoring Analysis
CMAT  :- Common Management Admission Test
CMC  :- Computer Maintenance Corporation
CMD  :- Chairman and Managing Director
CMD  :- Command
CMFI  :- Central Multi-port Fuel Injection
CMIS  :- Currency Management Information System
CMLA  :- Content Management License Administrator
CMO  :- Chief Marketing Officer
CMO  :- Chief Medical Officer
CMOS  :- Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMP  :- Common Minimum Program
CMPKSC :- Communist Marxist Party Kerala State Committee
CMS  :- Call Management Server
CMSE  :- Combined Medical Services Examination
CMTS  :- Cable Modem Termination System
CNC  :- Computerized Numerical Control
CNG  :- Compressed Natural Gas
CNR  :- Carrier-to-Noise Ratio
CNR  :- Communication Network Riser
COB  :- Close of Business
COBOL   :- Common Business Oriented Language
COCA  :- Control of Organized Crime Act
COLD  :- Central Office Layout Design
COMEDK  :- Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka
COMPUTER :- Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research
COO  :- Chief Operating Officer
COPS  :- Common Open Policy Service
CORBA  :- Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CORS  :- Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
COT  :- Central Office Terminal
CPA  :- Certified Public Accountant
CPCB  :- Central Pollution Control Board
CPCRI  :- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute
CPD  :- Common Path Distortion
CPE  :- Chemical Petro Engineering
CPE  :- Customer Premises Equipment
CPFF  :- Commercial Paper Funding Facility
CPFI  :- Central Port Fuel Injection
CPI  :- Consumer Price Index
CPIM  :- Communist Party of India (Marxist)
CPO  :- Central Passport Organization
CPP  :- Certified Payroll Professional
CPRI  :- Central Power Research Institute
CPT  :- Common Proficiency Test
CPU  :- Central Processing Unit
CPWD  :- Central Public Works Department
CRA  :- Contention Resolution Algorithm
CRAR  :- Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio
CRC  :- Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRDE  :- Common Rail Diesel Engine
CRDI  :- Common Rail Direct Injection
CRFI  :- Common Rail Fuel Injection
CRILC  :- Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
CRIMM  :- Continuity-Rambus Inline Memory Module
CRISIL   :- Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
CRL  :- Certificate Revocation List
CRM  :- Customer Relationship Management
CRMD  :- Credit Risk Management Department
CRPF  :- Central Reserve Police Force
CRR  :- Cash Reserve Ratio
CRS  :- Computer Reservation System
CRT  :- Cathode Ray Tube
CSB  :- Catholic Syrian Bank
CSCF  :- Call State Control Function
CSE  :- Centre for Science and Environment
CSE  :- Civil Services Examination
CSE  :- Computer Science And Engineering
CSFI  :- Central Sequential Fuel Injection
csh          :- Cash
CSH  :- Central Switch Homerun
CSI  :- Common System Interface
CSIR  :- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSMA  :- Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSO  :- Central Statistical Organization
CSO  :- Chief Security Officer
CSO  :- Composite Second Order
CSP  :- Content Security Policy
CSR  :- Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR  :- Customer Service Representative
CSRF  :- Cross-Site Request Forgery
CSS  :- Cascading Style Sheets
CSS  :- Content Scrambling System
CST  :- Central Sales Tax
CST  :- Central Standard Time
CST  :- Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
CST  :- Computer Science and Technology
CSTC  :- Calcutta State Transport Corporation
CSV  :- Comma Separated Value
CTAM  :- Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing
CTB  :- Composite Triple Beat
CTBT  :- Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
CTC  :- Calcutta Tramways Company
CTC  :- Cost To Company
CTCP  :- Client–to–Client Protocol
CTI  :- Country Threat Index
CTIA  :- Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
CTL  :- Computation Tree Logic
CTO  :- Chief Technology Officer
CTR  :- Cathode Ray Tube
CTS  :- Cheque Truncation System
CTS  :- Clear to Send
CTT  :- Commodities Transaction Tax
CUA  :- Common User Access
CUB  :- City Union Bank
CV     :- Curriculum Vitae
CVC  :- Central Vigilance Commission
CVN  :- Calibration Verification Number
CVSS  :- Common Vulnerability Scoring System
CVT  :- Continuously Variable Transmission
CVTI  :- Charged-motion Variable Time Ignition
CWDM   :- Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
CWE  :- Common Weakness Enumeration
CWM  :- Common Warehouse Metamodel
CWS  :- Continental Wheel System
D.Litt.     :- Doctor of Literature / Doctor of Letters
D.Sc  :- Doctor of Science
DA  :- Daily Allowance
DAC  :- Digital Addressable Controller
DAC  :- Discretionary Access Control
DAMPS  :- Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service
DAO  :- Data Access Objects
DAP  :- Development Action Plan
DAP  :- Direct Access Protocol
DARPA   :- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS  :- Direct Attached Storage
DAST  :- Dynamic Application Security Testing
DAT  :- Digital Audio Tape
DATE  :- Duly Authorized Telecommunications Entity
DB  :- Dena Bank
DBA  :- Database Administrator
DBOD  :- Department of Banking Operations and Development
DBPSK  :- Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying
DBS  :- Development Bank of Singapore
DBS  :- Direct Broadcast Satellite
DBSN  :- Database Source Name
DC  :- Direct Current
DC  :- District of Columbia
DCA  :- Department of Company Affairs
DCA  :- Digital Cable Application
DCB  :- Demand Collection and Balance
DCB  :- Development Credit Bank
DCC  :- Data Communication Channel
DCCB  :- District Central Co-operative Bank
DCD  :- Downstream Channel Descriptor
DCE  :- Distributed Computing Environment
DCF  :- Dispersion Compensating Fiber
DCME  :- Digital Compressed Multiplication Equipment
DCP  :- Device Control Protocol
DCR  :- Digital Cable Ready
DCS  :- Digital Cross-connect System
DCT  :- Digital Communications (Cable) Terminal
DDIS  :- Direct Diesel Injection System
DDL  :- Data Definition Language
DDR  :- Double Data Rate
DDS  :- Data Dissemination Standards
DDS  :- Deflection Detection System
DDS  :- Digital Data Storage
DEC  :- Digital Equipment Corporation
DENI  :- Digital Entertainment Networking Initiative
dep  :- Deposit
DES  :- Data Encryption Standard
DFAST  :- Dynamic Feedback Arrangement Scrambling Technique
DFB  :- Distributed Feedback
DFD  :- Data Flow Diagram
DFI  :- Digital Fuel Injection
DFS  :- Distributed File System
DGI  :- Direct Gasoline Injection
DHCP  :- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHEI  :- Digi-Cable Headend Expansion Interface
DHWG  :- Digital Home Working Group
DI.Eng :- Direct Injection Engine
DIB  :- Device Independent Bitmap
DIB  :- Director of Intelligence Bureau
DICoR  :- Direct Injection Common Rail
DID  :- Direct Inward Dialing
DIG  :- Deputy Inspector General
DIMM  :- Dual In-Line Memory Module
DIVX  :- Digital Video Express
DIY  :- Do it Yourself
DJ          :- Disc Jockey
DLCI  :- Data Link Connection Identifier
DLF  :- Delhi Land and Finance
DLL  :- Data Link Layer
DLL  :- Dynamic Link Library
DLNA  :- Digital Living Network Alliance
DLP  :- Digital Light Processing
DM  :- District Magistrate
DMA  :- Designated Marketing Area
DMA  :- Direct Memory Access
DMC  :- Dual Modem Cards
DMCA  :- Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DMDK  :- Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam
DMH  :- Degraded Modem Hours
DMIC  :- Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
DMK  :- Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
DML  :- Data Manipulation Language
DMRL  :- Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
DMS  :- Database Migration Service
DMV  :- Department of Motor Vehicles
DNA  :- Di-oxyribo Nucleic Acid
DNCS  :- Digital Network Control System
DNS  :- Domain Name System
Doc  :- Document (Microsoft Corporation)
DOEACC :- Department Of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Course
DOHC  :- Double Over Head Camshaft
DOP  :- Director of photography
DOS  :- Disk Operating System
DPCM  :- Differential Pulse Code Modulator
DPEP  :- District Primary Education Program
DPG  :- Deferred Payment Guarantee
DPI  :- Digital Program Insertion
DPI  :- Dots Per Inch
DPMS  :- Display Power Management Signaling
DPN  :- Demand Promissory Note
DPON  :- Deep-fiber Passive Optical Network
DPP  :- Delhi Poorvanchal Party
DPSK  :- Differential Phase Shift Keying
DPT  :- Dynamic Packet Transport
DQL  :- Data Query Language
Dr.           :- Doctor
DRAM  :- Dynamic Random-Access Memory
DRAT  :- Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal
DRDA  :- Distributed Relational Database Architecture
DRDO  :- Defence Research and Development Organization
DRI  :- Differential Rate of Interest
DRM  :- Digital Rights Management
DRS  :- Decision Review System
DRS  :- Distributed Resource Scheduler
DSA  :- Digital Signature Algorithm
DSA  :- Dynamic Service Addition
DSBB  :- Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
DSCC  :- Distance Sensing Cruise Control
DSCP  :- Differentiated Service Code Point
DSCR  :- Debt Service Coverage Ratio
DSHD  :- Double Sided High Density
DSL  :- Digital Subscriber Line
DSL  :- Domain–Specific Language
DSLR  :- Digital Single-Lens Reflex
DSP  :- Deputy Superintendent of Police
DSP  :- Digital Signal Processor
DSS  :- Direct Satellite Services
DSSS  :- Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum
DST  :- Department of Science and Technology
DSU  :- Dispute Settlement Understanding
DTA  :- Data Transfer Adapter
DTAA  :- Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
DTC  :- Digital Traffic Channel
DTCP  :- Digital Transmission Content Protection
DTE  :- Data Terminal Equipment
DTE  :- Directorate of Technical Education
DTMF  :- Dual Tone Multiple Frequency
DTP  :- Desk-Top Publishing
DTR  :- Data Terminal Ready
DTS  :- Digital Theater System
DTSI  :- Digital Twin Spark Ignition
DUMET  :- Delhi University Medical-Dental Entrance Test
DUN  :- Dial-Up Networking
DUT  :- Device Under Test
DVB  :- Digital Video Broadcast
DVC  :- Damodar Valley Corporation
DVD  :- Digital Versatile Disk
DVE  :- Digital Video Effects
DVI  :- Digital Visual Interface
DVI  :- Display Visual Interface
DVP  :- Delivery Versus Payment
DVR  :- Digital Video Recorder
DVS  :- Digital Video Standard
DWDM   :- Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex
EAC  :- East African Community
EADB  :- East African Development Bank
EAMCET :- Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test
EAS  :- Emergency Alert System
EATC  :- Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
EB          :- Exa-bytes
EBC  :- Electronic Brake Control
EBCDIC :- Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBD  :- Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
EBRD  :- European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EC.Eng :- External Combustion Engine
ECA  :- Essential Commodity Act
ECAT  :- Engineering College Admission Test
ECB  :- England and Wales Cricket Board
ECB  :- European Central Bank
ECB  :- External Commercial Borrowing
ECC  :- Electronic Climate Control
ECC  :- ERP Central Component
ECC  :- European Cricket Council
ECC  :- Excise Control Code
ECE  :- Economic Commission for Europe
ECGC  :- Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
ECM  :- Electronics and Computer Engineering
ECM  :- European Common Market
ECP  :- Extended Capabilities Port
ECR  :- Efficient Consumer Response
ECS  :- Electronic Clearing Service
EDC  :- Electronic Dispersion Compensator
EDF  :- Export Development Fund
EDFA  :- Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDGE  :- Enhanced Data-Rates for Global Evolution
EDI  :- Electronic Data Interchange
EDMU  :- External Debt Management Unit
EDP  :- Electronic Data Processing
EDP  :- Entrepreneurship Development Program
EEA  :- Exchange Equalization Account
EEC  :- European Economic Community
EEC  :- European Energy Commission
EEE  :- Electrical and Electronic Engineering
EEFC  :- Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency
EEPROM  :- Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFI  :- Electronic Fuel Injection
EFR  :- Exchange Fluctuation Reserve
EFS  :- Encrypting File System
EFT  :- Electronic Fund Transfer
EFTA  :- European Free Trade Association
EFTPOS  :- Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
EGOM  :- Empowered Group Of Ministers
EGR  :- Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EHB  :- Electro-Hydraulic Brake
EHCU  :- Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit
EHOC  :- Electrically Heated Oxidation Catalyst
EHPS  :- Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
EIA  :- Electronics Industry Association
EIB  :- European Investment Bank
EIDE  :- Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EIE  :- Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
EIGRP  :- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EIR  :- Excess Information Rate
EIRP  :- Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
EISA  :- Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EJB  :- Enterprise Java Bean
ELAT  :- English Literature Admissions Test
ELF  :- Executable and Linkable Format
ELSS  :- Equity Linked Saving Scheme
EMI  :- Electro-Magnetic Interference
EMI  :- Equated Monthly Installment
EML  :- Externally Modulated Laser
EMM  :- Entitlement Management Message
EMP  :- Electro-Magnetic Pulse
EMS  :- Element Management System
EMS  :- European Monetary System
EOD  :- End of the Day
EOE  :- Errors and Omissions Excepted
EOP  :- Engine Oil Pressure
EOT  :- Engine Oil Temperature
EPFO  :- Employee Provident Fund Organization
EPG  :- Electronic Program Guide
EPHS  :- Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering
EPL  :- Ethernet Private Line
EPON  :- Ethernet Passive Optical Network
EPOS  :- Electronic Point Of Sale
EPP  :- Enhanced Parallel Port
EPR  :- Exhaust Pressure Regulator
EPRI  :- Electric Power Research Institute
EPROM  :- Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS  :- Earnings per Share
EPS  :- Electric Power Steering
EPS  :- Encapsulated Post-Script
ERD  :- Emergency Repair Disk
ERIM  :- Erasmus Research Institute of Management
ERM  :- Edge Resource Manager
ERNET  :- Education and Research Network
ERP  :- Enterprise Resource Planning
ERTS  :- Earth Resources Technology Satellite
ESA  :- European Space Agency
ESC  :- Electronic Stability Control
ESC  :- Electronic Stability Control
ESC  :- Embedded Signaling Channel
ESCAP  :- Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacify
ESCM  :- Energy Storage Control Module
ESD  :- Electro Static Discharge
ESI  :- Employees State Insurance
ESIC  :- Employees State Insurance Corporation
ESMA  :- Essential Services Maintenance Act
ESMR  :- Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESOP  :- Employee Stock Ownership Plan
ESP  :- Encapsulating Security Payload
ESRO  :- European Space Research Organization
ETACS  :- Extended TACS
ETC  :- Electronic and Tele-Communication
ETDMA  :- Extended Time Division Multiple Access
ETF  :- Exchange Traded Funds
ETSI  :- European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETUC  :- European Trade Union Confederation
EU           :- European Union
EVC  :- Ethernet Virtual Circuit
EVDO  :- Evolution Data Optimized Or Evolution Data Only
EVM  :- Error Vector Magnitude
EVO  :- Electronic Variable Orifice
EVPL  :- Ethernet Virtual Private Line
EVRV  :- Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
EXIM  :- Export Import (Bank of India)
EXIM  :- Export-Import (Bank of India)
FAO  :- Food and Agriculture Organization
FAQ  :- Frequently Asked Questions
FAT  :- Factory Acceptance Test
FAT  :- File Allocation Table
FBI  :- Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCA  :- Foreign Currency Assets
FCC  :- Federal Communications Commission
FCCB  :- Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
FCEB  :- Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds
FCI  :- Food Corporation of India
FCNRA   :- Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account
FCP  :- Fiber Channel Protocol
FCRC  :- Fragment Cyclic Redundancy Check
FCS  :- Frame Check Sequence
FCUK  :- French Connection United Kingdom
FDA  :- Food and Drug Administration
FDC  :- Floppy Disk Controller
FDD  :- Floppy Disk Drive
FDD  :- Frequency Division Duplexed
FDDI  :- Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDE  :- Ford Duratorq Engine
FDI  :- Foreign Direct Investment
FDIC  :- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDM  :- Frequency Division Modulation
FDMA  :- Frequency-Division Multiple Access
FEC  :- Forward Error Correction
FEC  :- Forwarding Equivalence Class
FEDAI  :- Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India
FEMA  :- Foreign Exchange Management Act
FERA  :- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
FGT  :- Fixed Geometry Turbocharger
FHCS  :- Fragment Header Check Sequence
FHP  :- Frictional Horse Power
FHS  :- Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FIBA  :- Federation International Basketball Association
FICA  :- Federation of International Cricketers’ Association
FICCI  :- Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FIFA  :- Federation International Football Association
FIFO  :- First In, First Out
FIH  :- Federation of International Hockey
FII          :- Foreign Institutional Investors
FIMMDA  :- Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
FINO  :- Financial Inclusion Network & Operations Limited
FIPB  :- Foreign Investment Promotion Board
FIPL  :- Fuel Injection Pump Lever
FIR  :- First Information Report
FLAG  :- Fiber Link Around the Globe
FLR  :- Frame Loss Ratio
FM  :- Frequency Modulation
FMCG  :- Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
FOB  :- Free On Board
FOF  :- Flow Of Funds
FOREX   :- Foreign Exchange
FOSC  :- Fiber Optic Splice Closure
FOSS  :- Free and open-source software
FPI  :- Fins Per Inch
FPI  :- Foreign Portfolio Investment
FPM  :- Federal Party of Manipur
FPM  :- Fuel Pump Monitor
FPO  :- Follow on Public Offer
FPRC  :- Fuel Pressure Regulator Circuit
FPT  :- Food Processing Technology
FPU  :- Floating Point Unit
FRA  :- Forward Rate Agreement
FRB  :- Federal Reserve Banks
FRB  :- Federal Reserve Board
FRBM  :- Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
FRN  :- Floating Rate Note
FSK  :- Frequency Shift Keying
FSN  :- Full Service Network
FSO  :- Free Space Optical
FSRASC  :- Financial Sector Regulatory Appointment Search Committee
FSS  :- Fixed Satellite Service
FSSA  :- Food Safety and Standards Authority (Of India)
FSSAI  :- Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
FTA  :- Free Trade Area
FTMD  :- Full Track Music Download
FTP  :- File Transfer Protocol
FTP  :- Fuel Tank Pressure
FUD  :- Fully Un-Detectable
FXP  :- File Exchange Protocol
FYA  :- For Your Action
FYI  :- For Your Information
GAA  :- Geography Admissions Assessment
GAAR  :- General Anti Avoidance Rule
GAIL  :- Gas Authority of India Limited
GAMSAT  :- Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test
GATE  :- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATT  :- General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GB  :- Giga-bytes
GBP  :- Great Britain Pound
Gbps  :- Gigabits Per Second
GCC  :- Gulf Co-operation Council
GCET  :- Goa Common Entrance Test
GCET  :- Gujarat Common Entrance Test
GCR  :- Group Code Recording
GDI  :- Gasoline Direct Injection
GDI  :- Graphics Device Interface
GDP  :- Gross Domestic Product
GDR  :- Global Depositary Receipt
GEF  :- Global Environment Fund
GEO  :- Geostationary Earth Orbit
GFD  :- Gross Fiscal Deficit
GFP  :- Goa Forward Party
GFS  :- Government Finance Statistics
GIC  :- General Insurance Corporation
GIGO  :- Garbage In Garbage Out
GIRO  :- Government Internal Revenue Order
GIS  :- Geographical Information system
GLS  :- Generalized Least Squares
GMAT  :- Graduate Management Admission Test
GMO  :- Genetically Modified Organism
GMR  :- Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao (Group )
GMRS  :- General Mobile Radio Service
GMS  :- Gold Monetization Scheme
GMSK  :- Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
GMT  :- Greenwich Mean Time
GNIE  :- Government Not Included Elsewhere
GNP  :- Gross National Product
GoI  :- Government of India
GOOGLE  :- Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth
GP      :- Graphics port
GPA  :- Grade Point Average
GPAT  :- Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test
GPD  :- Gross Primary Deficit
GPL  :- General Public License
GPO  :- General Post Office
GPRS  :- General Packet Radio Service
GPS  :- Global Positioning System
GPU  :- Graphics Processing Unit
GRA  :- Global Research Alliance
GRE  :- Generic Routing Encapsulation
GRE  :- Graduate Record Examinations
GRM  :- Global Resource Manager
GRSE  :- Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers
GSM  :- Global System for Mobile
GSM  :- Global System for Mobile (Communication)
GSN  :- GPRS Support Node
GSRM  :- Global System Resource Manager
GST  :- Goods and Service Tax
GUI  :- Graphical User Interface
GVRP  :- GARP VLAN Registration Protocol
GVW  :- Gross Vehicle Weight
GWC  :- Gate-Way Controller
GWP  :- Global Warming Potential
HAC  :- High Availability Clusters
HAC  :- Hindustan Aluminium Corporation
HAD  :- Highly Autonomous Driving
HAL  :- Hardware Abstraction Layer
HAN  :- Home Area Network
HAT  :- History Aptitude Test
HCCI  :- Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
HCI  :- Human Computer Interaction
HCL  :- Hardware Compatibility List
HCM  :- Heating Control Module
HCM  :- Hybrid Control Module
HCRP  :- Hard Copy Cable Replacement
HCS  :- Header Check Sequence
HCU  :- Hydraulic Control Unit
HCV  :- Heavy Commercial Vehicle
HD  :- High Definition
HDBH  :- High-Day Busy Hour
HDCP  :- High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HDD  :- Hard Disk Drive
HDFC  :- Housing Development Finance Corporation
HDI  :- Human Development Index
HDLC  :- High-Level Data Link Control
HDMI  :- High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDT  :- Host Digital Terminal
HDTV  :- High Definition Television
HEPS  :- Hydraulic Electric Power Steering
HEV  :- Hybrid Electric Vehicle
HHD  :- Hybrid Hard Drive
HI      :- Hockey India
HID  :- Human Interface Device
HIG  :- Human Interface Guidelines
HIL  :- Hockey India League
HIT  :- Headend Interface Terminal
HIV  :- Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HJP  :- Hindustan Janta Party
HMS  :- Headend Management System
HOM  :- High-Order Modulation
HP    :- Hewlett Packard
HP    :- Horse Power
HPAT  :- Health Professions Admissions Test
HPCMAT  :- Himachal Pradesh Combined Management Aptitude Test
HPDI  :- High Pressure Direct Injection
HPFS  :- High Performance File System
HPNA  :- Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
HPOV  :- Hewlett Packard Open View
HQ  :- Head Quarters
HQ  :- High Quality
HR  :- Human Resource
HRD  :- Human Resource Department
HSA  :- High Speed Access
HSBC  :- Hong-Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
HSC  :- Higher Secondary Certificate
HSD  :- High Speed Data
HSDPA    :- High Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSI  :- High-Speed Internet
HSPDP  :- Hill State People Democratic Party
HSS  :- Home Subscriber Server
HTC  :- High Tech Computer
HTM  :- Hierarchical Temporal Memory
HTML  :- Hyper Text Markup Language
HTPC  :- Home Theatre Personal Computer
HTTP  :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS  :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
HTX  :- Hyper Transport Expansion
HUDCO  :- Housing and Urban Development Corporation
HUF  :- Hindu Undivided Family
HVAC  :- Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVD  :- Holographic Versatile Disk
HVI  :- High Viscosity Index
IAAF  :- International Association of Athletics Federations
IAAI  :- International Airport Authority of India
IAAS  :- Indian Audit and Accounts Service
IABF  :- Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
IAC  :- Indian Airlines Corporation
IADB  :- Inter-American Development Bank
IADF  :- International Agriculture Development Fund
IAE  :- Integral Absolute Error
IAE  :- Intelligence Agency Executive
IAEA  :- International Atomic Energy Agency
IAF  :- Indian Armed Forces
IAG  :- Interactive Advertising Guidelines
IAM  :- Identity and Access Management
IAMS  :- Intelligent Asset Management System
IANA  :- Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IARI  :- Indian Agricultural Research Institute
IAS  :- Indian Administrative Service
IAS  :- Integrated Accounting Systems
IAST  :- International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration
IATA  :- International Air Transport Association
IB          :- Indian Bank
IB          :- Intelligence Bureau
IBA  :- Indian Banks Association
IBBI  :- Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
IBEF  :- India Brand Equity Foundation
IBF  :- Indian Boxing Federation
IBM  :- International Business Machines
IBMDP  :- Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme
IBPS  :- Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
IBRD  :- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IBS  :- International Banking Statistics
IBSF  :- International Billiards and Snooker Federation
IBU  :- International Banking Unit
IC        :- Integrated Circuit
IC.Eng :- Internal Combustion Engine
ICAI  :- Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAO  :- International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAR  :- Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICAS  :- Indian Civil Accounts Service
ICB  :- Independent Customer Builds
ICBC  :- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
ICBM  :- Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
ICC  :- International Cricket Council
ICCW  :- Indian Council for Child Welfare
ICDO  :- International Civil Defence Organization
ICDS  :- Integrated Child Development Service
ICE  :- In Case of Emergency
ICE  :- In-Circuit Emulator
ICE  :- Instrumentation and Control Engineering
ICE  :- Internal Combustion Engine
ICF  :- All-India Carrom Federation
ICF  :- Integral Coach Factory
ICF  :- International Canoe Federation
ICFB  :- India Chess Federation for the Blind
ICG  :- Indian Coast Guard
ICHR  :- Indian Council for Historical Research
ICICI  :- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
ICJ  :- International Court of Justice
ICL  :- Indian Cricket League
ICLS  :- Indian Corporate Law Service
ICM  :- Ignition Control Module
ICMP  :- Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMR  :- Indian Council of Medical Research
ICO  :- Incumbent Cable Operator
ICOR  :- Incremental Capital Output Ratio
ICP  :- Injection Control Pressure
ICP  :- Internet Cache Protocol
ICPC  :- International Centre for the Prevention of Crime
ICR  :- Intelligent Character Recognition
ICRA  :- Internet Content Rating Association
ICRC  :- International Committee of the Red Cross
ICS  :- Internet Connection Sharing
ICSE  :- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
ICT  :- Information and Communications Technology
ICU  :- Intensive Care Unit
ICWA  :- Indian Child Welfare Act
ID       :- Identity Document
IDA  :- International Development Association
IDAS  :- Indian Defence Accounts Service
IDBI  :- Industrial Development Bank of India
IDD  :- Industrial Development Department
IDE  :- Integrated Development Environment
IDE  :- Integrated Device Electronics
IDEN  :- Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network
IDES  :- Indian Defence Estates Service
IDFC  :- Infrastructure Development Finance Company
IDR  :- Indian Depository Receipts
IDRBT  :- Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
IDS  :- Intrusion Detection System
IDT  :- Integrated Digital Terminal
IEC  :- International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE  :- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IELTS  :- International English Language Testing System
IEPF  :- Investors Education and Protection Fund
IES  :- Indian Economic Service
IES  :- Indian Engineering Services
IESE  :- Indian Economic Service Examination
IEST  :- The Indian Economic Service Technology
IEX  :- Indian Energy Exchange
IF          :- Intermediate Frequency
IFAD  :- International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFAF  :- International Federation of American Football
IFB  :- Indian Fine Blank
IFC  :- Initial First Cost
IFC  :- International Finance Corporation
IFFCO  :- Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited
IFG  :- International Gymnastics Federation
IFI          :- International Financial Institutions
IFR  :- Investment Fluctuation Reserve
IFRS  :- International Financial Reporting Standard
IFS  :- Indian Foreign Service
IFS  :- Indian Forest Service
IFS  :- International Financial Statistics
IFSC  :- Indian Financial System Code
IFSC  :- International Federation of Sport Climbing
IFTU  :- International Federation of Trade Unions
IFWJ  :- Indian Federation of Working Journalists
IG          :- Inspector General (of Police)
IGAD  :- Inter-Governmental Authority on Development
IGF  :- International Golf Federation
IGLS  :- Iterative Generalized Least Squares
IGMP  :- Internet Group Management Protocol
IGP  :- Interior Gateway Protocol
IGRP  :- Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
IHAI  :- Ice Hockey Association of India
IHF  :- International Handball Federation
IHF  :- International Hockey Federation
IHP  :- Indicated Horse Power
IHV  :- Independent Hardware Vendor
IIBF  :- Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
IIBI  :- Industrial Investment Bank of India
IICRA  :- Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency
IIFL  :- India Infoline Finance Limited
IIFT  :- Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
IIHF  :- International Ice Hockey Federation
IIHM  :- International Institute of Hotel Management
IIM  :- Indian Institute of Management
IIOP  :- Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIP          :- Index of Industrial Production
IIPA  :- Indian Institute of Public Administration
IIS    :- Indian Information Service
IIS     :- Internet Information Services
IISS  :- International Institute of Strategic Studies
IISWBM :- Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
IIT    :- Indian Institute of Technology
IJF    :- International Judo Federation
IKE  :- Internet Key Exchange
ILEC  :- Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
IMA  :- Indian Medical Association
IMA  :- Indian Military Academy
IMAP  :- Internet Message Access Protocol
IMD  :- India Millennium Deposits
IMD  :- Inter-Modulation Distortion
IMEI  :- International Mobile Equipment Identity
IMEP  :- Indicated Mean Effective Pressure
IMF  :- International Monetary Fund
IMN  :- Intelligent Mobile Network
IMO  :- International Maritime Organization
IMPS  :- Immediate Payment Service
IMRB  :- Indian Market Research Bureau
IMS  :- Integrated Management Systems
IMSI  :- International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMSO  :- International Mobile Satellite Organization
IMT  :- Instant Money Transfer
IN          :- Intelligent Network
INA  :- Interactive Network Adaptor
INC  :- Indian National Congress
IND  :- India's Nuclear Doctrine
INDP  :- Inter-Nationalist Democratic Party
INDU  :- Indian National Defence University
INLD  :- Indian National Lok Dal
INLF  :- Indian National Lacrosse Federation
INLP  :- Indian National Labour Party
INR  :- Indian Rupee
IOA  :- Indian Olympic Associate
IOB  :- Indian Overseas Bank
IOC  :- International Olympic Committee
IOFS  :- Indian Ordnance Factories Service
IOPS  :- Input/output Operations Per Second
IOS  :- Internetwork Operating System
iOS  :- iPhone Operating System
IP        :- Internet Protocol
IPA  :- International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA  :- iOS Application Archive
IPAT  :- Internet Protocol Access Terminal
IPC  :- Indian Penal Code
IPC  :- Inter-Process Communication
IPCC  :- Integrated Professional Competence Course
IPCC  :- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPDR  :- Internet Protocol Detail Record
IPDT  :- Internet Protocol Digital Terminal
IPE  :- Industrial Production Engineering
IPEC  :- International Program on Elimination of Child Labor
IPFT  :- Indigenous People Front of Tripura
IPG  :- Interactive Program Guide
IPI    :- International Press Institute
IPL  :- Indian Premier League
IPMP  :- Intellectual Property Management and Protection
IPO  :- Initial Public Offering
IPP  :- Internet Printing Protocol
IPPB  :- India Post Payments Bank
IPPB  :- India Post Payments Bank
IPR  :- Intellectual Property Right
IPS  :- Indian Police Service
IPTA  :- Internet Protocol Transport Agreement
IPTV  :- Internet Protocol Television
IPU  :- Inter-Parliamentary Union
IPV4  :- Internet Protocol Version 4
IPV6  :- Internet Protocol Version 6
IPX  :- Internetwork Packet Exchange
IQ      :- Intelligence Quotient
IRA  :- Individual Retirement Account
IRAS  :- Indian Railway Accounts Service
IRB  :- Institutional Review Board
IRBI  :- Industrial Reconstruction Bank Of India
IRC  :- Internet Relay Chat
IRCTC  :- Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation
IrDA  :- Infrared DATA Association
IRDA  :- Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
IRDP  :- Integrated Rural Development Program
IREP  :- Integrated Rural Energy Planning
IRFU  :- Indian Rugby Football Union
IRMA  :- Institute of Rural Management Anand
IRPS  :- Indian Railway Personnel Service
IRQ  :- Interrupt Request
IRR  :- Internal Rate of Return
IRS  :- Indian Revenue Service
IRTS  :- Indian Railway Traffic Service
IS          :- Indian Services
ISA  :- Industry Standard Architecture
ISA  :- International Solar Alliance
ISC  :- Indian School Certificate
ISC  :- Internet Storm Center
ISCSI  :- Internet Small Computer Storage Interface
ISD  :- International Subscriber Dialing
ISDN  :- Integrated Services Digital Network
ISEET  :- Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test
ISF  :- International Snowboard Federation
ISFC  :- Indicated Specific Fuel Consumption
ISG  :- Integrated Starter Generator
ISG  :- Intelligent Services Gateway (Cisco)
ISH  :- Information Super Highway
ISI     :- Indian Standards Institute
ISI    :- Indian Standards Institute
ISI    :- Inter-Services Intelligence
ISIC  :- International Standard Industrial Classification
ISM  :- Industrial Scientific Medical
ISM  :- Information Services Manager
ISMS  :- Integrated Service Management System
ISO  :- Interior Systems Optimization
ISO  :- International Organization for Standardization
ISP  :- Internet Service Provider
ISR  :- Interrupt Service Routine
ISRO  :- Indian Space Research Organization
ISS  :- Indian Statistical Service
ISS  :- International Space Station
ISSF  :- International Shooting Sport Federation
ISTP  :- Internet Signaling Transport Protocol
ISU  :- International Skating Union
ISV  :- Independent Software Vendor
IT          :- Income Tax
IT      :- Information Technology
IT      :- Information Technology
ITA  :- Information Technology Agreement
ITA  :- Interactive Television Association
ITBP  :- Indo-Tibetan Border Police
ITC  :- Indian Tobacco Company
ITC  :- Indian Trade Centre
ITDC  :- Indian Tourism Development Corporation
ITER  :- International Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor
ITES  :- Information Technology Enabled Services
ITF  :- International Tennis Federation
ITHF  :- International Table Hockey Federation
ITI    :- Industrial Training Institute
ITO  :- Income-Tax Officer
ITRS  :- International Transaction Reporting System
ITSO  :- International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ITTF  :- International Table Tennis Federation
ITU  :- International Telecommunications Union
IUC  :- Interval Usage Code
IUML  :- Indian Union Muslim League
IVB  :- ING Vysya Bank
IVCS  :- Integrated Vehicle Control System
IVR  :- Interactive Voice Response
IVRS  :- Interactive Voice Response System
IVSC  :- Integrated Vehicle Speed Control
IWF  :- International Weightlifting Federation


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